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      And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire. Hebrews 1:7

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Scarred — for eternity       

           I used to think that God’s gifts were on shelves one above the other and that the taller we grew in Christian character, the more easily we should reach them. I find now that God’s gifts are on shelves one beneath the other and that it is not a question of growing taller but of stooping lower, and that we have to go down, always down, to get his best gifts.

—F.B. Meyer



The Progression

            Get to know Jesus well because the more you know him, the more you’ll love him. And the more you love him, the more you’ll want to follow him. And the more you follow him, the more you’ll become like him. And the more you become like him, the more you become yourself.

--Ned Erickson       




Special Dates

• World Communion Sunday, October 5, 2014
• Columbus Day Observance, October 13, 2014
• Reformation Sunday, October 26, 2014
• Reformation Day, October 31, 2014 



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Daily Bible Verse 12/20/2014
He said, "I came naked from my mother's womb, and I will be stripped of everything when I die. The LORD gave me everything I had, and the LORD has taken it away. Praise the name of the LORD!" Job 1:21 NLT

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